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At Seymour Dental Centre, our North Vancouver dentists use dental crowns to help correct tooth damage and prevent further deterioration. Learn more about dental crowns and bridges here.

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Dental Bridges and Crowns at Seymour Dental Centre in North Vancouver

Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns and bridges are procedures your dentist can use to prevent further damage to your teeth and help restore your smile – and your confidence.

If you have tooth damage, such as cracked or decayed teeth, or if you are missing teeth altogether, a dental crown or bridge might be the right option for you. 

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  • With dental crowns and dental bridges, we can repair or replace teeth that have sustained severe damage - and restore your smile in the process. We can assess your needs and determine the best treatment option for you.
    Dr. Gilbert Lee

What are Dental Bridges?

When you have an empty space left by missing teeth, the remaining teeth can shift out of position, leading to discomfort and increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease and further tooth loss.

Dental bridges are fixed restorations used to replace these empty spaces. A dental bridge can restore your smile and help maintain the shape of your face.

The Benefits of Bridges

Dental bridges can help restore your ability to properly speak and chew, which can make a significant difference in your confidence and overall quality of life.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns cover a tooth and help restore it to its original shape, size and colour. They improve the strength, appearance and function of a damaged or broken tooth that may otherwise be lost.

The Benefits of Crowns

A crown can prevent damage from progressing by holding a cracked tooth together. A dental bridge can also be attached to a crown, which covers a discoloured or badly shaped tooth.

Due to the fact that they are made from strong porcelain, crowns can be extremely durable. They help to protect and strengthen the structure of your remaining teeth.

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